QuAck — the joy of testing

Software development life cycle is a pretty complex topic. It involves all stages starting from the design and ending up with the deployment and support. Each step takes time therefore costs money. Steps are chained together which means that a failure on any of them will cause a rollback followed by time and money loss.

One of the most critical stages is a quality validation — testing. It is a time consuming but a compulsory procedure. The lack of testing can easily cause reputation damage as well as financial loss. This is that exact stage that usually bounces back the whole process.

Reducing the cost and increasing the quality of testing is a crucial task in modern fast moving world of IT. Keeping all tests sets in order, having a possibility to manipulate them and analyze results — these are the challenges you might face on your way.

Test Management Systems (TMS) aim is to help QA leads and managers to deal with those non-trivial problems.

Today we announce a brand new TMS called QuAck. It is an easy to install web-based service. QuAck is an opensource application and could be used for free by any company or individual.

It was born as the result of many years of performing testing against big, complex and diverse systems — a concentration of knowledge and experience.

QuAck is different from other TMS available on the market. First of all it does not enforce using a single tree for your testcases. You can group testcases as you wish in runtime saving your configurations as test suites. Test Launches could be created out of testcases and suites — a convenient way to execute tests collaboratively, store and analyse results.

QuAck is pluggable. Which means it can be easily integrated with any custom authentication system, issue tracker or tests executor system. By default authentication through Jira is provided as well as an integration with Jira Server.

QuAck has a full REST api which allows to automate tests creation, execution and reporting. Anything you can do through UI — you can do with API (and even more).

Born in Australia, QuAck is available to any company all around the world. Opensource approach allows to perform any security audit prior to usage. Integrations with any custom systems (authentication, execution, tracking) are also available. It is an agile and modern system.

We would be more than happy to help you to adapt it to your needs. Please contact us through GitHub for any enquiries.

All information, documentation, demo databases, examples and the code itself can be found on GitHub: